About Me

        What would you like to know about me?
  •      I'm a third generation San Franciscan who moved to the Sacramento foothills when my kids were grown. I kept coming up here for the weekend to visit friends and hated going back home. Now I am proud to be the Owner of my own real Estate Company here in Auburn, CA.(Placer County)
  •       I've been in sales and client service for over 25 years & don't believe in high pressure sales tactics. What I do believe is that strong communication & building relationships is my priority and getting you the right property is my business.
  •      If you're a buyer, I would love to personally speak with you and work together on finding you properties. I work closely with local Realtors and regularly get prior knowledge of listings coming on the market . If I think a property will meet your needs, I will let you know about it and be happy to show it to you.  I'm not here to talk you into anything. Once I know what your desires are, it's my job to find you the property that you want.
  •       If you're a seller, you need to know that Marketing is my passion. I do whatever it takes to get your home sold at the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. If you find yourself upside down on your mortgage, I am happy to consult with you on strategies.  I advertise on many websites(A large percentage of buyers start their search there).
  •       Whether you're a buyer or a seller I have some helpful reports that you might like to check out on this website.
      Thank you for visiting. Why not start your search today? Or call me toll free at 877-GoSeeJo(467-3356). That's the first step. I hope to speak with you very soon. Have a great day!
With warm regards,